How to get to the Casa del Chê Museum

museu de Chê - Entrada
Entrada do Museu de Chê. Foto: Viajesemsegredo

The Casa del Chê Museum, one of the most visited museums in Argentina, is a must visit if you are visiting Córdova in Argentina. So I want to show you how to get there on your own, spending little and getting away from the astronomical prices.

Getting to Casa de Chê Museum is easy, it is located in Alta Gracia, just 1 hour from Cordoba-Capital, Argentina.

Before telling how to get to Casa de Chê Museum, I think it is important to consider spending all day in Alta Gracia. The city is beautiful, calm and charming. There is not only the museum of Chê to visit, I recommend also, the visit to the National Museum Estancia Jesuítica, besides to walk through the city and to appreciate the beauty and tranquility.
A small tip: The people in Alta Gracia are napping, so during the afternoon almost all trade will be closed.

From Cordova to Alta Gracia:

The buses to Alta Gracia leave from the terminal of Córdoba, in the address Bv. Juan Domingo Perón 380. The terminal has been enlarged and is very large. Look for the SARMIENTO window in the new part of the terminal. You can check the times and values ​​on the company’s own website that range from $ 42.00 to $ 50.00 Argentine pesos, plus or minus $ 15,00.

Let the driver know that you want to get off near the Museum of Che that he will let you know. It is very quiet to get there as there are signs indicating the direction practically in every corner and anyone you ask, will know to indicate the direction. The Casa de Chê Museum is located at Nicolás Avellaneda 501, 5186 Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina. You can not go wrong!

The entrance costs $ 80.00 Argentine pesos for foreigners, approximately R$25.00.

As I said earlier, take time to stroll through Alta Gracia and visit the other museums.

To get back is easy too, just ask where the buses go to Cordoba, it’s a very small town and has a very welcoming people, everyone will be happy to inform.